Experience true freedom: why outsourcing staff at your next event will save you stress, time and money

May 9, 2017

Experience true freedom: why outsourcing staff at your next event will save you stress, time and money

Let’s put this into perspective; imagine your client is holding a product launch and today is the day that everything needs to fall into place. The tables and chairs have been set up, the aroma of food fills the hallway, and the guests will soon be arriving.

Everything is going to plan when all of a sudden three of your waiting staff call in sick, one is stuck in traffic indefinitely and the other has managed to set his wardrobe on fire following a candle related accident (candles can be unpredictable these days). So now you’re five staff members down and the guests are due to pour in within an hour.

The situation above is an example of a worst case scenario, but the reality is that staff not turning up for events as a result of problems which arise in their transit is a major issue. Those of you who have had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing no-show staff know how problematic it can be. It can also put a real strain on the staff who made it to the venue on time. Outsourcing is becoming a popular go-to with regards to any kind of event planning, and it’s not hard to see why.

First and foremost, you won’t have to rely on late or no-show staff. Having your own staff not turn up for events is a stress that you shouldn’t be experiencing, especially with all of the other factors that you have to worry about. This is where external agencies such as ourselves come into their own. We take the hassle out of the equation and ensure all of our staff attend in a prompt and professional manner. Event staff are a representation of the brand and it therefore leaves a negative impression on the client if they don’t turn up. If staff don’t show up for events, sorting out the paperwork afterwards is both time consuming and unnecessary, so having an agency to do this for you will increase efficiency substantially.

If a member of your event staff isn’t performing to your standard, there’s a huge amount of red tape involved if you were to dismiss them, which is once again stress-inducing and time consuming. Changes aren’t immediate and a minimum notice period has to be given, allowing that staff member to continue with a negative work ethic as a representation of your company. Staffing agencies have rotas of hundreds of staff who are completely interchangeable, which means no red tape, no difficult dismissals and no unruly employees.

While it may be perceived otherwise, using an agency as a repository for staff members is actually cheaper than having in-house personnel. Costs are much lower than part-time or full-time contracts and we at Jobs2Go are known to save companies considerable amounts of money just by outsourcing staff. As the majority of staff at agencies are not full-time, there’s always room to change, mould and alter staff arrangements in the unlikely event that any problems were to arise.

Companies are often fearful of making the leap between in-house and outsourced staff, but the process overall could not be simpler. The outcome will result in increased corporate freedom and reduced spending costs – the money you save could be reinvested to other vital sectors of the business. If you’re an individual with in-house event staff, consider these factors and the possibility of utilising a staffing agency as part of your business strategy.

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