How to clean up your act: The advantages of commercial cleaning for your business

May 9, 2017

How to clean up your act: The advantages of commercial cleaning for your business

With a growing business comes a growing demand for basic services. All companies need to keep their offices as clean as their reputation and it’s just one of the small factors that a business needs to take into consideration when operating on a day to day basis.

Some businesses see cleanliness as a more important factor than others. Many still operate with an in-house cleaning team. We at Jobs2Go are determined to make people understand why having an external team do the work for you is a much safer bet. Jobs2Go is a recruitment agency that provides all kinds of hospitality personnel in London and the surrounding areas. We know all the ins and outs of commercial cleaning, budget margins and money saving.

There are a variety of factors at stake when you consider how your business needs to keep clean. Budget, overheads, staff pay, holiday pay and permanent employment obligations – the list goes on and on! There’s a lot of red tape surrounding in-house cleaning staff too, which is not only restrictive but makes it harder to replace staff if the particular member is underperforming or negatively minded. That’s where commercial cleaning agencies (such as ourselves) come into play. We have a portfolio of over 75 cleaning staff on our books who all have experience in working at five star hotels, iconic venues and prestigious companies. There’s no such thing as a sick day with commercial cleaning as a backup member of staff will always be on hand to fill in.

A common misconception with commercial cleaning agencies is that it costs a lot more to outsource cleaning services to external companies. This may be the case with some companies, however the majority of external agencies actually charge substantially less than having a full or part-time member of staff on board. When you factor in salary, holiday pay and sick days, having an agency fill the role for you is a hassle-free process which is usually more cost effective too. On top of this, on a day to day basis it actually works out less costly to hire an individual from an agency as opposed to someone from your own company. If you’re still adamant that this isn’t the case, we here at Jobs2Go invite you to challenge us to see if we can provide a more cost effective deal for you.

In the event that your cleaning team isn’t performing to the standard you’d like, replacing them will be time consuming and problematic. In the unlikely event of sub-standard cleaning, staff from a commercial agency can be quickly reshuffled in order for your business to continue thriving without any setbacks. If you’re thinking about hiring a cleaning team or already have one, make sure to consider the cheaper and more cost effective alternative of a commercial cleaning agency.

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