How to Place Set: The Jobs2Go catering staff way!

March 11, 2015

How to Place Set: The Jobs2Go catering staff way!

We all forget at times how to lay a table ‘the proper way’ and it can definitely be a difficult one to remember! Being that we work in the hospitality and catering industry, working multiple services, day-in day-out, place setting is second nature to the catering staff at Jobs2Go.

We usually go by a formal layout, so whether you’re putting on a massive banquet or intimate dinner, check out our tips below to help you out.

Formal Layout:

Cutlery:  Forks, knives and spoons:

  • Forks should always be placed on the left whilst knives and spoons should be to the right
  • Make sure all the cutlery is pointing upwards except the dessert cutlery and bread knife
  • Dessert cutlery (if you wish to have this out on the table) should be above the plate, parallel with the ends facing away from each other
  • Leave a 1cm space between all cutlery
  • Start from the inside out when eating, so the furthest cutlery from the plate will be used first
  • Wrap cutlery in a napkin for buffet parties


Generally most plates will be bought in as the dishes are served. However, if not:

  • Dinner plates should be approximately 4cm from the edge of the table with either a salad plate or soup bowl on top
  • Bread plates should be directly above the forks and level with the dessert cutlery


All glasses should be to the right side of the client:

  • Always start with the water glass. This should be to the right of the dessert spoon but 1cm above
  • Half a level down, and further to the right should be a wine glass for red wine
  • If you are serving white wine too, place the glass further to the right and level with the point of the knife
  • If your client does ask for tea or coffee, this should go below the white wine glass and level with the soup spoon

…and of course the Place card should be in the middle, in line with the client’s seat and furthest away from them.

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