Isobel, a Jobs2Go success story!

May 24, 2017

Isobel, a Jobs2Go success story!

Since hosting our brand new recruitment sessions in conjunction with the JobCenter Plus, we thought we would catch up with our latest successful candidate, Isobel and find out more about her role and experience working with Jobs 2 Go.

How has your first week of working as Gibson Hall’s cleaning supervisor been?

It was brilliant! I loved every minute of it. This is my first supervisor role, so it was a week of getting to know the job role, but overall I’ve found what I’m looking for!

What has it been like? And are you enjoying it?

I love the role. It’s new to me but once I got my bearings together, I found out exactly what needed to be done and what I could do to help my staff. It’s been quite busy but really rewarding; I’m especially enjoying the aspect of having such responsibility over the venue and my staff.

Have you done anything similar to this or worked in the industry before?

I’ve worked in hospitality a little during my career in various roles, but I’ve also gained a lot of experience in other industries, so I’m ready for the challenge of working for a large hospitality company!

What types of skills do you think are needed when working in hospitality?

Because of hospitality being such a people-oriented industry, in my opinion you need to be approachable – that’s always a big one! Then I would say that you should be polite, with a good sense of humour, because that always helps both yourself and the clients you deal with.

What have you learnt in your career in hospitality?

Over my career, I have learnt tonnes of interchangeable skills. Whether these are people skills, timekeeping skills or organisational skills; working in this industry teaches you everything you will ever need to learn! BUT you will never stop learning… I’m still learning every day!

How long did it take you from the J2G session to being placed in a suitable role?

Not long at all. I came to the Jobs2Go session at the Job Centre on Friday and I was offered a job on the very same day! I was over the moon! I then started on Monday, I just couldn’t believe it!

How did it make you feel, finding a job that quickly?

Amazing! I genuinely couldn’t believe my luck. I was just hoping to get some advice and try to find out what was available. There was no way I could have guessed that I would leave with a new job!

How were the sessions at the Job Centre?

They were so helpful, considering I got a job at the very first one! I found it brilliant because Kasia was so enthusiastic about finding people jobs; she stayed behind to answer questions and provide advice. I think everyone appreciates Jobs2Go sparing some time for us – especially because they gave me and others a chance.

What was job hunting like without these sessions?

It was terrible. Finding a job was incredibly difficult, with a large chunk of my time spent sending application forms and emails to websites and agencies, without hearing anything back! It ended up making me feel quite down and frustrated because all I wanted to do was find a job. There wasn’t any of that hassle with Jobs2Go.

What advice would you give to someone who was in your position and can’t currently find a job?

I would say that you should stay positive. There is a job out there for you, look at me! I would also recommend trying your hand in hospitality; there’s plenty of different roles available and there’s always progression in the industry. Find out what the role can do for YOU! Ask questions and don’t be afraid because people are willing to help! I would suggest trying to work with Jobs2Go – they helped me, why not you?

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