What does a career in hospitality teach you?

May 24, 2017

What does a career in hospitality teach you?

To anyone looking from the outside in, the world of hospitality is a scary place where things move at an alarmingly fast pace. This, paired with the requirement of keeping a consistently high level of customer service, is enough to scare some candidates away.

Many who work (and have worked) within the hospitality industry understand that despite the fast pace and (sometimes) stressful work it is an incredibly rewarding place to be. This is due to a mass of different factors such as the satisfaction in helping a large event go exactly to plan, or by simply proving to yourself that you have the drive to strive towards a goal you were aiming for.

So, we’ve established that the work is rewarding and allows you to push yourself, but what does it teach you exactly?

Firstly, it teaches you the very basics of the world of work by consistently testing you in time keeping, customer service and problem solving; these skills are essential in any role but are especially vital in hospitality. Take time keeping for example, when working at an event everyone must be on time so that the manager can assign roles and tasks. Being in this line of work you understand that being late can have a detrimental effect on your team, so you do anything to be there on time.

Customer service and problem solving go hand in hand when working in hospitality and you need both! The great thing about being part of this industry is that you learn on the job and from experienced industry professionals; you understand how to provide excellent customer service resulting in a difference in and out of work. This, paired with being faced with new, individual challenges every day, means that you’re constantly learning key decision making skills which help better customer experience and improves workload for your team.

Working in hospitality teaches you a huge amount about organisation, whether you are working in a front of house role, back of house role (such as a kitchen porter) or even admin roles. This is a skill that you learn extremely quickly to get the best out of your job and team. If you’re an event manager you’re often given several different tasks to concentrate on which can prove extremely difficult, especially when people rely on you; The fast paced nature of this industry provides you with organisational skills and expertise so that you prioritise, manage and complete important tasks to keep your event running smoothly, while ensuring staff are hired, briefed and ready to go. When working in a non-managerial role you are constantly improving on your organisational skills through being given tasks that must be prioritised in order to be completed on time. Chefs are often asked to deal with orders and check stock levels while assisting in a team, which wouldn’t be possible without strong organisational skills as one task relies on the other.

Finally, a career in hospitality teaches you that some things are just out of your reach sometimes! Whether it’s raining down on your summer event, or your staff have simply not turned up, some things cannot be controlled… except that last point!

A large portion of managers in the industry have learnt that staffing is best left to professionals with measures that allow them to ensure that a ‘no show’ scenario will never occur; that’s why many turn to Jobs2Go to provide the highest quality staffing in the industry. We possess the necessary skills and experience in the hospitality sector to ensure that things are done correctly, your way!

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