If I owned a hotel, I wouldn’t hire any staff

May 24, 2017

If I owned a hotel, I wouldn’t hire any staff

With fierce competition between hotels and low cost room rentals, the hospitality market couldn’t be any more saturated, leading to a rise or fall in sales on either side of the industry. This is conducive to cost cutting measures from the hotel side due to large overheads such as staffing, but is not limited to the quality of service provided by these institutions.

So you wouldn’t hire any staff at all? 

Well of course at an administrative level you’re going to need a form of infrastructure, but beyond that there isn’t an apparent need to permanently employ staff. However this will then bring up the question of who would take up the many roles such as front of house staff, cleaners, kitchen and back office personnel? But there’s a simple answer to that – workers from an accredited staffing agency. We (Jobs2Go) have noticed that more and more hotels have transitioned towards hiring from agencies such as ourselves as a result of increased cost reductions, efforts to improve cash flow and the ease of outsourcing.

Outsourcing work can provide a higher ROI than in-house staff due to better flexibility, training, and the aim to please customers in order to fuel returning business (for their agencies). These factors are vital in the hospitality industry due to heavy involvement with customers who hold your hotel’s reputation in their hands. In fact, having the flexibility to change staff depending on your company’s requirements is essential in providing the best service available whilst saving you money and maintaining business growth. Many hotels are rigid in the sense that they aren’t well-prepared for the possibility of extra staff being needed in a short period of time, but this isn’t true for agencies as staff can be arranged in just one day. This is also similar in regards to training and customer service, with new staff often needing time to understand the industry and gain experience and skills which can be a long process. Outsourced staff are already trained and bring with them a wealth of experience in the same industry, ranging from the same environment to disparate environments, meaning there will be high quality customer service right from the start.

With all staffing matters managed by the agency, the process is simple and straightforward, providing hassle-free recruitment solutions. Many clients have the preconceived belief that their roles will be filled by unskilled staff members, but the amount of skilled external staff is truly surprising, with many boasting a wealth of experience, enabling hoteliers to receive the best personnel.

Overall, it seems that hiring full-time staff may not be the most cost effective way to run a hotel, which is why many clients turn to Jobs2Go to provide high quality and compliant hotel personnel for both front of house and back office roles.

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