How to retain and attract hospitality staff

May 24, 2017

How to retain and attract hospitality staff

The world of hospitality isn’t often seen by potential job seekers as a viable career prospect, instead people often become waiters, bar staff, event staff and kitchen assistants to earn a bit of extra cash while studying or searching for another job in a different sector.

In fact, a large amount of the restaurant and hospitality sector, particularly in cosmopolitan London is reliant on staff from overseas, especially from EU countries so this poses the hospitality industry a tough question: what will become of our bustling industry in post Brexit Britain?

What can we do as an industry to retain staff?

In our eyes as an established hospitality recruitment company, we believe that the industry must do all it can to retain current staff while attracting fresh, new talent. This will be essential in keeping up with similar industries while giving back to the local and wider community. Recent poor press in the form of minimum wages, staff tips and staff welfare from a select few hospitality companies, only harms our industry’s collective integrity therefore driving potential candidates away.
We firmly believe that if you treat your staff fairly, pay them on time and for what they’re owed, make the workplace an enjoyable environment, offer regular shifts, perks (meals and uniforms) and most importantly, progression, then your staff will have no reason to leave!

What we can do to attract new staff?

The industry has hardly any barriers so attracting staff shouldn’t be an issue, especially with local work always being available, simple and straightforward registration, email and text job alerts and more importantly, flexible hours (an upside of having zero hour contracts!). So why aren’t we attracting more staff?

In short, we are attracting plenty but the industry is still losing staff at an exponential rate!

We find that young people make up our highest number of applicants as they are keen to work and are willing to learn, so, we teach them!

This is often overlooked by many in this industry as they find it time-consuming to teach a young person the basics such as service skills, dress code and how to lay a table. This is incredibly irresponsible as an employer as these skills will not only help your company, but more importantly will help the young person in their career progression, while making them a solid member of your team!

Our ethos at Jobs2Go is to attract, train and treat staff fairly. These are simple things that make a huge difference to both your business and workforce and may just help change the way people think about the hospitality industry.

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